Saravanan Hari Super Fan of MS Dhoni

Saravanan Hari Super Fan of MS Dhoni

MS Dhoni is very popular all over the world under his captaincy, India won the ICC World T20 Cricket World Cup, the 2013 ICC World Cup, and the 2013 ICC Champions Trophy. Dhoni has been absent lately, and rumors are circulating about his retirement. Recently, the ICC published a video interview with Saravanan Hari, the Super Fan of MS Dhoni.

“When Dhoni won the Cricket World Cup 2011 for India, I wanted to do something to show our gratitude. Since I’m a local boy, I started attending the Chennai Super King CSK matches, painting my body yellow”.

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“Retirement is inevitable, like death, day and night. I know he’s going to retire one day”. “It will be a difficult time for fans like me. I’ll be a Dhoni fan forever. I will love by the rule he taught me. I’m going to cheer on the teams he supports. I will try to be a good example of a Dhoni fan,” he added.

Hari also described his first encounter with Dhoni. “That was in 2013. I was at Bhubaneswar airport when an event organizer called me to participate in a promotional event. They told me to paint my body, and later Dhoni was going to attend the event.

“Suddenly, the man himself was in front of me, at hand. I was speechless, and I immediately fell at his feet. I really can’t describe the moment in words. This is the most memorable moment of my life”.