Santner suggest Kiwis not to take Pakistan Lightly

Santner suggests Kiwis not to take Pakistan Lightly

Mitchell Santner, warn the Kiwi that they can’t take underdogs so much easy and also he clarifies that New Zealand could not afford to take Pakistan lightly as they tried to seal their place in the World Cup semi-finals in Birmingham on Wednesday. Undefeated New Zealand has 11 points off five wins while one game was affected due to rain game. While Pakistan must win to keep alive its chances of qualifying for the last four.

“Obviously, they’ve had a good record here and they regain the form and rhythm as well the SUV said on the eve of the match at Edgbaston. They won the Champions Trophy a couple of years ago and they’ve had a good win against South Africa as well. We’re at the top right now (before the result between England and Australia). But we can’t take any games lightly as it’s the battle for a title so every team is doing the best.

Santner praised Pakistan’s varied bowling attacks as they are capable of destroying any batting line up. “They have very good swinging bowling players as well as spin bowling players. We are aware of their strengths and I think Wahab back on their team is very good for them.” “Mohammad Amir is also the key bowling for Pakistan for so long,” added Santner, as the left arm’s pacer has 15 wickets in five matches.

Santner said Pakistan, which has lost three World Cup matches so far, had the ability to increase its game despite its problems. “They defeated England and brought down South Africa the other day,” he said. “When they’re hot, they’re really hot. We have to obviously find ways to try to cool them down when they’re like this.” Left-handed hitter said Skipper Kane Williamson is the key to New Zealand’s batting force.

“It’s coming out of two hundred, and the other against South Africa the other night was pretty special,” he said. “It didn’t look, I think, as fluid, its inputs, but that’s what made it so good.”