Sachin Tweet Video

Sachin Tendulkar Tweet Video gets Hilarious responses

It’s amazing to see the tweeted video that brings great sympathy for an unfortunate bowler. A bowler whose tremendous delivery hit the stumps but bail didn’t go down. The bail remained to reel on a stump and the batsmen were declared not out. Sachin tweets a video sent by his friend to which he got hilarious responses as well.

Legendary cricketer, Little Master shared the video on Twitter. Sachin Tendulkar asked his fans to decide to be referees, as the batsmen were declared not to be sent off even after the ball hit the wickets. But, unfortunately, the bail did not go down.

The Little Master Sachin tweeted with the post: A friend shared this video with me. I found it very unusual to decide. What would be your decision if you were the referee/Umpire? Along with sympathy for the unfortunate bowler, cricket lovers came up with a humorous response to Tendulkar’s tweet.

He got the perfect reply to his tweet: The batsmen was arrested but released on bail.

While some of the fans made hilarious memes from Sri Lanka referee Kumar Dharmasena, they dragged him into the affair by a “mistake” he made during the 2019 World Cup final between New Zealand and England.