Sachin Tendulkar praises Steve Smith complicated technique

Sachin Tendulkar all praises for Steve Smith complicated technique, and organized mindset

Indian cricket icon Sachin Tendulkar praises Steve Smith for his excellent batting. He said that the “organized mentality” and “complicated technique” of the former Australian captain distinguish him from his contemporaries. Tendulkar also praised the way Steve Smith has returned to red-ball cricket in the newly concluded ash series.

-Tendulkar on Smith Technique-

“THE COMPLICATED TECHNICAL, but an ORGANIZED MIND is what distinguishes stevesmith49. Incredible return! #ENGvsAUS,” Sachin Tendulkar posted on his Twitter account.

Steve Smith, who served a one-year ban for his involvement in South Africa’s infamous ball-handling scandal, amassed 774 runs from seven innings to an astonishing 110.57 average in the recent Ashes series against England.

“In the first test, the English bowlers tried to catch him behind the wickets with slips and ravines in place,” Tendulkar explained. “And Smith simply crawled and exposed the stumps on his legs to cover the line, and he was selective and intelligent in his approach,” explained Sachin Tendulkar on the social media platform.

“At Lord’s, they sometimes slipped for him, and some short deliveries against Jofra Archer get him in trouble as he tried to cover the line with the weight of his foot,” Tendulkar said.

Note here that a vicious Jofra Archer bouncer beat Steve Smith in the first innings of the second Ash Test at Lord’s. The blow was so severe that he did not come out to bat in the second inning and did not miss the next Headingley Test either.

Tendulkar went on to explain what Smith did wrong when the bouncer hit him. “The most important thing for any hitter is to keep the head forward position and expect to lean forward or marginally in line,” said Tendulkar, the only player to take part in 200 test matches. Steve Smith got into bad positions, and that’s how he probably got hit.

In another description of Smith’s technique, Tendulkar writes: “In the last two Tests, I was leaving the ball as it leaned forward and looked at better positions. He worked on his technique very intelligently. That’s why I say complicated technique, but extremely organized mentality.

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