rohit sharma to launch rohit4rhino campaign

Rohit Sharma to Launch Rohit 4 Rhino Campaign

Indian batsman Rohit Sharma is launching the Rohit4Rhinos campaign, in partnership with WWF India and Animal Planet, to help raise awareness of the need to conserve the Great Rhino of a Horn or the Indian Rhino.

In a campaign launched at Animal Planet to mark World Rhino Day on September 22, Rohit pledged to do his part to save “vulnerable” species from extinction.

“It is our duty as cohabitants of this planet to try to protect other species that walk on this planet, alongside us. The future is in our hands, and we must do everything we can to ensure that our children can enjoy the rich biodiversity this world has to offer,” Rohit said. “I hope this campaign inspires others to come forward and join Animal Planet, WWF India and I in this effort to save the great rhino from a horn.”

Of the world’s approximately 3,500 remaining Indian rhinos, 82 percent are found in India. Once found abundantly through the Indo, Ganga and Brahmaputra river basins, the animal is now found only in select pockets in Assam, West Bengal, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.

Assam State Animal, the Indian rhino, faces several threats, including poaching, habitat loss, and mass mortality from breeding and disease.

The 32-year-old joined WWF India as his brand ambassador for Rhino Conservation in 2018. With Animal Planet now joining the cause, the team has set out to raise awareness and raise awareness of the species and the need for its conservation.

-Discovery and WFF on Rhino Awareness-

“Discovery has long committed to telling stories and protecting the creatures that make our planet extraordinary. We stand firm to harness the brand strength of India’s main wildlife channel, Animal Planet, to boost people’s power for the cause of endangered species,” said Megha Tata, managing director of Discovery – Asia South.

“We are confident that Rohit’s strong support for the cause of Rhino conservation will help more people join us in saving these gentle giants.”

“WWF India would like to thank Rohit Sharma for being the voice of conservation and for his continued support in raising awareness of the great rhinos with a single horn. Old decades-old stories are due about the success of rhino conservation in India, and we believe that the Rohit4Rhinos campaign that implements in partnership with WWF India and Animal Planet will also draw attention to the challenges facing conservationists to protect the species.” Dipankar Ghose, Director, Species and Landscapes, WWF India.

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