Ricky Ponting Praises relentless bowlers as Australia retain Ashes

Ricky Ponting Praises ‘relentless’ bowlers as Australia retain Ashes

Former Australian skipper Ricky Ponting praises Australian bowlers and said that tourists’ “relentless” bowlers deserve as much credit for retaining the ashes as Steve Smith.

Smith, the world’s top test hitter, has been in excellent shape with Ashes with 671 runs, including three hundred, averaging 134.20.

Smith achieved a dominant 211 in Australia’s 185-runs win in the fourth ashes at Old Trafford, a result that left them 2-1 up with only one to play before next week’s final at The Oval.

However, Ponting, a two-time captain of the losing Ashes series in England in 2005 and 2009, insisted that players’ efforts should not ignore.

“I think they (Australia) should have had a bigger lead, not just behind Steve Smith,” Ponting, one of the best hitters of their generation, told Sky Sports Ponting.

“Everyone talks about its impact, but the whole bowling department has been outstanding. Look at the difference in bowling attacks in this game.”

“(Mitchell) Starc, (Pat) Cummins, (Josh) Hazlewood and (Nathan) Lyon, coincide with the England attack. There were more holes in that England attack than Australia’s.”

That England took the game to the last hour of Sunday’s last day before out at 197, having been neither for two after Cummins took two wickets in two balls, he said a lot about his resolution.

But Hussain, the last England captain who failed to win a series of Ashes on home soil in 2001, said the hosts could have no complaints given that they had lost the first match by 251-runs and then only tied thanks to Ben S’s astonishing century tokes that secured a wicket victory in the third Test at Headingley.

“There’s been progress,” Hussain said.

“You can’t criticize the character and endurance of this England team. Other teams in England would have collapsed in a lot.”

“But the problem is that you often find ten by two, 20 by two”.

“Against certain sides, you can come back from that, but you’re out of nowhere for two last nights against this Australian attack, you can’t come back from that.”

“Let’s be honest, if England had gone to The Oval at 1-1, I think it would have been a parody,” he added.

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