Reason Why India is Ahead of Australia in WTC despite of Same Wins

Here’s why India are ahead of Australia in Word Test Championship WTC despite the same number of wins

Australia defeated England in the fourth Ashes Test by 185 runs to retain the ashes and, as a result, the team now has 56 points at the World Test Championship (WTC) while India recently defeated the West Indies 2-0 in the two-match series to take their toll to 120 points. The Test match series between New Zealand and Sri Lanka ended in a 1–1 draw.

However, Australia is behind the three teams in the current World Test Championship.

Now, one may wonder why Australia team is behind India, New Zealand, and Sri Lanka team despite winning two matches and tying one against England.

Under International Cricket Council (ICC) rules, all series under the WTC will receive 120 points each.

Windies whitewashed in India to have their account of 120 (60 + 60) points. Kiwis and Sri Lanka tied the series 1-1, so they have 60 points each.

Ashes are a series of five games that award 24 points to a team if they record a win in a single Test match, while a draw will give eight points.

The leader of Tim-Paine in Australia has recorded two wins and a tie in the series so far in ashes 2019. As a result, Australia has 56 points (48 + 8).

England has 32 (24 + 8) points after winning one match and tying another.

ICC officially launched the World Test Championship (WTC) on July 29.

The championship began on 1 August when Australia and England resumed their rivalry in the ashes.

The WTC is made up of the nine best test teams in the world (Australia, Bangladesh, England, India, New Zealand, Pakistan, South Africa, Sri Lanka, and the West Indies).

In the Test championship, a total of 71 Test matches will play in 27 series over two years. The top two teams will compete in the final of the World ICC Test Championships on June 2021 in the UK.

Points are available for each match, and each team will play three home series and three away from home. Each series will feature 120 points, distributed in the number of matches in a series.

For example, a series of two matches will mean 60 points for each Test, while a three-match series will give 40 points to each Test match. A match tied will be 50 percent of the points available, while a tie will be a ratio of 3: 1 point.

Matches will play in the same format as bilateral series but with the added context of the competition and a champion team. The number of games in each series can range from a minimum of two games, up to a maximum of five matches.

The first WTC cycle consists of only five-day matches and will include day and night matches. Only Test matches identified as part of the WTC will count towards the championship.

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