Ready to play Pakistan on the neutral venue, Says BCCI CoA Chief

Ready to play Pakistan on the neutral venue, Says BCCI CoA Chief

BCCI chairman of the Committee of Administrators (CoA), Vinod Rai, said India ready to play in Pakistan on a neutral place. The CoA appointed by the Supreme Court currently oversees the cricket administration in India.

While talking to Indian Express, the CoA boss said he is not in favour of isolating Pakistan in the world of cricket.

“When playing with Pakistan, I think there is a government policy that can play in neutral territory and not in others,” Rai said. “We are very clear in our minds that in a neutral territory we will play against any country.”

Prior to the 2019 World Cup, Rai had said that Pakistan should be treated in the same way that South Africa was treated during “Apartheid”.

However, the 71-year-old man backed down in his statement and said he only conveyed the nation’s feelings at that time to the International Cricket Council (ICC).

“I was just taking a stand to counter the rhetoric that had gained momentum in the public domain, that India should refuse to play with Pakistan,” he said. “If Pakistan reached the semi-final and we retired. Isn’t that shooting at your foot? We’d be closing paths for ourselves, which I thought an incorrect move.”

Rai also clarified the BCCI’s stance on the controversy surrounding the “insignia” sign on India’s MS Dhoni wicketkeeper-batsman gloves during the World Cup.

“What he was wearing was not the insignia of his regiment. But he was wearing something and at least he didn’t know the ICC had rules about what he can wear on his gloves. It took me by surprise, ” he said. I said, look, if he’s using it, he’s free to use it, and I supported him. Then they showed me 11 pages of ICC rules that say you can only have your computer badge and that of the manufacturers. So we had to retire.”

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