Ravi Shastri praised Retired MS Dhoni

Ravi Shastri praised Retired MS Dhoni

Ravi Shastri praised the retired MS Dhoni, declaring that the Jharkhand Wicketkeeper was second to none, stating that the veteran has changed cricket forever. Shastri also used an interesting analogy to describe the maintenance of Dhoni and stated that the latter is “faster than any pickpocket”.

It’s been roughly 20 hours since India’s most successful captain, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, broke the hearts of cricket fans across the globe by announcing his international retirement out of the blue. Dhoni, 39, who is currently preparing to participate in the 13th edition of the Indian Premier League (IPL) in the United Arab Emirates, announced his retirement via Instagram at 7:29 pm on Saturday, and the tributes they have continued to come ever since. for the man from Jharkhand, who is one of the most famous figures in the country.

And following Dhoni’s unexpected announcement, the India team’s head coach, Ravi Shastri, paid tribute to the legendary goalkeeper with his own witty style. Shastri, who was on the mic when Dhoni hit ‘all’ six in Kulasekara to hand the Men in Blue the World Cup title in 2011, called the 39-year-old an unsurpassed revolutionary. Shastri also amusingly expressed his admiration for Dhoni’s exquisite maintenance skills by stating that the man from Jharkhand was, at times, faster than a pickpocket.

“This man is second to none. And coming from where he did it, it changed cricket forever. And his beauty is that he did it in all formats, ”Shastri told India Today.

“For me, what stood out were its stumps and its exits. His hands were so fast that he was sometimes faster than any pickpocket. He was effective as hell. Look at the impact he had… The hitter wouldn’t even realize that Dhoni had taken his bail and that is something that adds to his aura. “

Shastri may not have handed out trophies since he took over as head coach, but that wasn’t the case for Dhoni, who got used to winning trophies as captain, in both international cricket and IPL. Mumbaikar expressed amazement at Dhoni’s accolades and achievements and attested that the goalkeeper must be considered one of the best to ever play the sport of cricket.

“T20: He has won a World Cup and several IPL titles. 50 overs: has won a World Cup. Cricket Test: It has taken India to the number one position in the world. He played 90 test matches. And he always took life as it came. From his days in Kharagpur to his days as an Indian cricketer, he was always in the moment. And in retirement, it’s gone too. As I said, he is second to none.

“On any list of the best in cricket, not the greats but the greatest, you must include this man.”

Despite having announced his international retirement, Dhoni is preparing to play at IPL 2020 and is currently at Chennai Super Kings camp in Chennai, where franchise players have been practising before flying to the United Arab Emirates.