Rashid Khan wants to win T20 World Cup

Rashid Khan wants to win T20 World Cup

Afghan cricketers are playing franchise-based T20 tournaments around the world. Around them, Rashid Khan, the captain of Afghanistan’s T20 team, wants to win the T20 World Cup. He said the team has enough talent to win the World Cup. Now we just need to believe in ourselves.

Rashid Khan, Mohammad Nabi, and Mujib-ur-Rahman are playing in different leagues including IPL 2020, BPL, BBL 2020, and CPL. Since the cricketers are a bit more mature in this format than other formats, they are dreaming of winning the T20 World Cup.

Rashid Khan thinks there are enough talented cricketers in the batting, spinner, or pace bowling unit to win the World Cup. Now all you need is faith to win the World Cup. He also wants to play more matches with the big teams.

In a YouTube conversation with Indian spinner Ravichandran Ashwin, Rashid Khan said, “I think the biggest achievement for Afghanistan now will be a T20 World Cup win, for which the team is looking forward. Not just the party, the whole country is in hope. Because we have skills and talents. We just have to believe in ourselves that we can do it. We are a very good team in terms of talent. We have spinners, we have fast bowlers and we have a good batting unit.

He added, ‘When we play more series against big teams, we can be a better team. We are very famous for T20. The dream of us and the people of the country is that one day we will win the T20 World Cup. Afghanistan cricket and what will be the biggest achievement for us.