Ramiz Raja Praises PCB brave move

Ramiz Raja praises Pakistan Cricket Board, PCB Brave Move

Former Pakistani captain Ramiz Raja in a YouTube video praised the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) for introducing a new system that could change Pakistan’s cricket.
The 57-year-old said that the interest created had always created an obstacle to implementing change and referred to the measure as “brave”.

“This was a brave and intelligent move. No one was able to make this decision because of vested interests, so the PCB deserves recognition,” Ramiz Raja said. “This system has great potential to produce superstars for Pakistan.”

Raja expressed his hope that the new system would put an end to the confusion that had become the staple of Pakistan’s national cricket structure.

“Now there’s no confusion. It used to be a hot spot where no one knew when the first-class season started and how many teams played, etc. The talent was also impossible to track as there used to be so many players,” he explained.

The former batter stated that problems in previous systems resulted in mediocre results at the international level.

“The system was poor, and we were paying the price internationally, where it became clear how far we are from others,” he said.

However, Ramiz Raja warned the PCB to stay away from the small policies that ravaged the old system and condemned him to mediocrity.

“We must also be cautious because we now have to have administrations for 90 cricket associations. We have to move away from petty politics and club-level mentality because the old system wasn’t that bad either, but the wrong administrators ruined it,” he said.

The first opener questioned the selection policies of the new system and believed that provincial teams should have autonomy in this regard.

“I also have a problem with the selection because if the PCB keeps the selection under its control, then the provinces will not take possession again. They will concern that PCB selectors may discard players who have invested time and money within half an hour’s trial,” he said.

Raja emphasized the importance of the national structure and believed it should manage in the same pattern as the Pakistan Super League (PSL) Habib Bank Limited (HBL).

“Tv is not mentioned because this has to manage as if you had a PSL team. You need to get money, advertisers and sponsors. For that, it is also important how much television coverage you will receive and how it will broadcast. “He concluded.

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