Ramiz Raja Offend Misbah ul Haq Appointment as Head Coach

Ramiz Raja Offend Misbah ul Haq Appointment as Head Coach

Ramiz Raja, 1992 Champions squad member, and a famous Pakistani commentator is against the idea of naming former Pakistan Skipper Misbah ul Haq as men’s head coach of Pakistan. While speaking in a YouTube video, Ramiz Raja said Misbah has a defensive approach and it won’t be right for Pakistan.

Ramiz Raja Further Said that

Misbah has a defensive approach to cricket and waits for the opposition to make a mistake rather than being proactive. He won a lot of matches with this approach in the UAE, yet Pakistan’s cricket needs an individual who can make things happen instead of reacting to opponents’ game plan.

Ramiz Raja also emphasized the need for the Pakistan team to move towards a fearless cricket brand.

Raja also stated that

Virat Kohli has taken the Indian team into test cricket to new heights with his aggressive and courageous approach. Pakistan needs to do the same, as there is an aggression in Pakistani Team’s DNA and they need people in the group of experts who can make plans that are in line with the demands of modern cricket.

The 57-years-old, Raja also believes Pakistan needs a team that can win in all conditions and only then will they be respected as a superior team.

Ramiz, in the end, concluded with the statement that

The Pakistan team under Misbah only succeeded in one type of condition and played safe cricket. If the Pakistani team wants to change their fortunes in Test cricket and increase the number of followers, they need a new approach and that can only happen when aggressively minded people are in charge.

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