ICC Should Pick Best Umpires Not Neutral Ones

ICC Should Pick Best Umpires Not Neutral Ones

Ramiz Raja has joined Ricky Ponting’s call that there’s a need to choose Best umpires rather than the neutral cricket referees after the worst umpiring decisions in the Ashes Test 2019.

“The problem is that there are still controversies despite neutral referees because standards have dropped sharply. We saw that there were a lot of mistakes in the World Cup, as was the case in the first ashes test”.

The former Pakistani captain who was part of the time, Imran Khan, the standard-bearer for the introduction of neutral referees in the game of cricket, said the ICC should choose the best referees instead of neutral referees. “There is no room for cheating now, thanks to the available technology and the notoriety of the game among the masses”.

Referees Aleem Dar and Joel Wilson drew widespread criticism after a difficult day at Edgbaston on Friday, as several of their appeals overturned by the Decision Control System (DRS) after Australia took up residence. Ricky Pointing said

“I would like to think that the game is advanced enough that the game is not made up of neutral referees”. “People might say that with all the technology we have now, it doesn’t matter that much. But it’s not a good show when bad decisions made”.