Rahul Dravid turned down the offer to be India’s head coach

Rahul Dravid turned down the offer to be India’s head coach

Former Indian star cricketer Rahul Dravid turned down the offer to be India’s head coach. He also got a chance to be Virat Kohli’s head coach. However, he refused to give extra time to his two children.

In 2016, head coach Anil Kumble resigned due to internal problems with Indian captain Virat Kohli. After the legendary spinner left, Raheel Dravid was offered a job by the board. Basically, Dravid’s experience of working with age-based teams up to that time puts him ahead.

However, the former India captain, known as ‘The Wall’, rejected it citing family reasons. Highlighting Dravid’s reluctance, Vinod Roy, the then chairman of the board, said, “Rahul has spoken to us directly. He said look at my two sons growing up. Being the coach of the Indian national team means you have to travel around the world. I can’t give them time so I’m focusing on that. I feel like I need to spend more time with them now. ‘

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Vinod Roy thinks Dravid’s decision was reasonable, ‘I think it was a very reasonable request. His thinking was always at a high level. And that is why his opinion was considered with the utmost importance. You see, Dravid, Shastri and Kumble were all perfect in coaching.

If Dravid rejects the offer, the responsibility falls on the shoulders of the current coach Ravi Shastri. However, the board had a good eye on Dravid, who was very successful working with the youth team. The then-chairman of the board said that the former batsman, who was successful on the basis of age, was therefore needed in the national team.

Tibi added, ‘We have spoken positively to Rahul. He has worked with cricketers under the age of 19. I got along well with them. He planned to make them for the big stage. It was also getting incredible results. The unfinished business with the boys needed to be completed in the way that the positive results came. He needed to do that. ‘