PUBG Mobile banned in Pakistan

PUBG Mobile banned in Pakistan

One of the teenagers most favorite games around the world PUBG Mobile banned in Pakistan. This game has gained extraordinary popularity among young people, as it offers war-themed property games that can be won by eliminating enemies and surviving to the end.

However, despite being a fan favorite, we’ve seen people suggest PUBG due to in-game violence and addiction. Teenagers spend much time playing PUBG and other sports in today’s bayonet era, causing anxiety in the minds of parents.

The latest case of the PUBG Mobile banned in Pakistan, where the country’s deputy inspector general, Ashfaq Khan, wrote a proposal to ban PUBG in the state while addressing the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Pakistan Communications Authority (PTA).

Before the incident, a petition was also filed with the Lahore High Court to ban sports in the country. However, despite strong support from several quarters for the move, the request did not bear fruit, as the Pakistan Communications Authority did not take any action.

People who are worried about their children playing for PUBG and other games were looking at their children’s health and ensuring that the latter didn’t play for long.

There is no doubt that sports like PUBG have encouraged the e-sports scene around the world, and such events reveal a talent that has the opportunity to become a professional. However, even if a game starts to hammer, the future of PUBG games will be in jeopardy.