PSL 2021 Remaining Matches To Resume in June 2021

PSL 2021 Remaining Matches To Resume in June 2021: PSL 2021 Rescheduled

Pakistan Super League 6 is returning to the field again. PSL 2021, which was suspended due to coronavirus, will resume playing the remaining matches of PSL 6 in June 2021. The PSL authorities took such a decision after a meeting with the franchisees and all the matches of the remaining PSL 6 will be played in Karachi.

However, no specific date has been announced yet by the PCB. The PSL will be held after Pakistan’s tour of Zimbabwe and before the tour of England. Before the suspension, 14 matches of the competition were held. There are 20 more matches left.

The sixth edition of PSL started on February 20, 2021. However, when one cricketer-staff after another started attacking Corona, it was decided to postpone the PSL on March 4. At that time, only 14 matches of the entire 34-match series were over.

Then it was heard that the postponed event of PSL will be held during the IPL. But in the end, there is no conflict with the league organized by the ever-rival country. The postponed matches of PSL Live Streaming will be held and streamed after the end of IPL.

After a meeting with the franchisees, it was decided that the event would start again in June. The rest of the PSL group stage matches will be played in Karachi. Even the play-off, the final match will be held in Karachi. In addition, a two-member committee has been formed to advise the PSL authorities on how to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the biosphere zone.

The Pakistan Super League (PSL) has been suspended due to a number of positive players and support staff in the bio-safety zone. The Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) has set a date for the resumption of the event in less than a week. The franchise-based competition will be held on the field next June.

In the last four days, the PCB and six franchises have held two meetings. Initially, it was planned to be held in March-April. However, after an hour-long virtual meeting, the two sides agreed to resume PSL in June.

A decision has also been taken to change the venue of PSL. The remaining six matches were scheduled to be played in Karachi and the other 14 in Lahore. But considering the weather in June, all the matches will be in Karachi.

The PCB has come under fire for not following quarantine rules. The franchisees themselves have complained that the players-staff have been affected due to their failure. So the company decided to pour the coronavirus protocol.

An independent two-member committee has already been formed to look into how the coronavirus spread in the bio-safety zone and to advise the PCB on how to prevent it from happening in the future.

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