PSL 2020 Prize Money List – Pakistan Super League

PSL 2020 Prize Money List – Pakistan Super League 5th Edition

PCB released the list of Pakistan Super League PSL 2020 Prize Money List for Winners, Runners-up, & for the (Man of the Match) Players of the Matches and Tournament in PSL 5.

The Pakistan Super League PSL Live Streaming is ready to launch its sixth edition in February 2020, and this is good news for all fans of the league. PCA seeks to make it bigger this season and therefore have decided to increase the total 2020 PSL prize to $3.5 million.

Apart from this, there’s quite a surprise in the store about the tournament. First and foremost, the entire league to play in Pakistan. Yes, the 2020 PSL will return to Pakistan altogether, and that’s good news for Pakistani fans. It is excellent news for cricket in general, as this will help them improve the cricket environment in the country.


Here is the Pakistan Super League Prize Money List for Winners, Runners-up, Play-offs, and Individual performances in PSL 5.

Pakistan Super League: PSL 2020 Prize Money List

Total Prize Money $3.5 million
WINNERS   $1million
Runners-up  $700,000
3rd Placed Team in Playoff  $460,000
4th Placed Team in Playoff   $350,000
Individual Performances $300,000


PSL is a scenario for budding Pakistani players to rub shoulders with some great foreigners. And some of the performances at PSL have been highlighted last year and this year may be no different. Besides, it’s money on PSL that drives players to do their best. Here’s a look at the PSL 2020 cash prize.

The PSL award money decided by the governing councils of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and the Pakistan Super League (PSL). The first PSL edition of the tournament was successful, and in the hope of making it great, the prize has also increased.

The winning team would get a $10,00,000 cool cash prize. It is an increase of approximately $300,000 since the last edition, while second place will also benefit from the rise in portfolio money. With $200,000 last year, they will have a new 2018 PSL prize of $350,000, an increase of $150,000.

The increase in PSL prize money is just a clear indication that PCB wants to lure the best players into the league and eventually take them to Pakistan for the final. Not only this, but there is also an incentive for players to perform well. The prize money for Man Of the Match and other prizes for top artists also earned a $300,000 increase last year, and this year payers will get $400,000.