PCB will take the cost of the corona test from the cricketers

PCB will take the cost of the corona test from the cricketers

Since the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) is in charge of this, all the work should be done by the board. However, the PCB will take the cost from the reverse cricketers and coaches concerned for the Corona test. Which has led to criticism of the company? One by one, the board is being harassed with sarcastic criticism.

Cricket is returning to Pakistan. The country’s domestic cricket journey will begin again with the National Twenty20 Championship. This is a new challenge next time. In addition to ensuring bio-safety, everyone involved in the tournament will have to undergo corona testing.

But the cricket board has twice spoken of the Corona test. The first will have to bear the cost for the respective tests. The second time the board will bear the cost. “Players, officials and others concerned will have to conduct the preliminary examination at their own expense,” a PTI board source was quoted as saying by the Pakistan News Agency.

The T20 championship will start on September 30. Where 240 cricketers and match officials will participate. The matches are scheduled to be held at Rawalpindi and Multan.


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