PCB to Earn Billions from PSL 5

PCB to Earn Rs3.69 Billion from PSL 5

Pakistan’s Super League has become a significant source of revenue for the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB), which will earn more than 3.69 billion rupees from the fifth edition of the PSL 2020 T20 League in 2020.

This represents more than 40% of the total revenue of the PAC, which allocated a budget of more than Rs 1.84 billion for the PSL in the new fiscal year. Last year, the board earned 3.17 billion rupees against the spending of 1.91 billion rupees from PSL. In 2018-19, the PAC set a budget of Rs 2.37 billion, while revenues of Rs 2.87 billion were expected.

According to the sources, the PAC has allocated a budget of Rs 190.8 million to the executive secretariat. Last year, more than 150 million rupees were spent in the same department. The budget of 620.25 million rupees was set for human resources and administration, whereas last year the board had spent more than 360.34 million rupees in the same department.

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For international cricket activities, more than Rs 1.90 billion was allocated in the new fiscal year or 24% of the total budget. The board expects revenue of Rs 3.75 billion from international cricket operations, which was Rs 6.25 billion last year, while total spending was R1.74 billion.

For academies, more than 590.86 million rupees were fixed, while last year, 350.50 million rupees were spent on the same thing. In the new budget, more than 410.36 million rupees were allocated, or 320 million rupees last year and 180 million spent.

In the Department of Media and Coordination, a budget of more than 100 million rupees was allocated, while last year only 25.5 million rupees were spent on 7.85 million rupees, meaning that about 25 per cent were Used. Assigning such a massive budget of 100 million rupees this year, while the media did not use about 75% of the previous year’s budget. For real estate and infrastructure, 70 million rupees were allocated, while 190 million rupees were allocated for marketing.