Junaid Khan is Still Committed Playing Cricket for Pakistan

Pakistani Fast Bowler Junaid Khan Committed to Pakistan Cricket

Pakistan’s fast-bowling player Junaid Khan still suffers the pain of being omitted for the 2019 ICC Cricket World Cup but Junaid Khan remains committed to playing Cricket for the country (Pakistan) in any format in which he has the opportunity. Junaid also noted that there was not any real reason for my exclusion at the World Cup.

Left-arm fast bowler Junaid Khan, who not named in Pakistan’s World Cup squad, revealed he turned down offers to play English county cricket as he sought to push for his case to be withdrawn.

-Junaid Khan to Reporters-

Like any other player facing a similar situation, I deeply disappointed by my exclusion from the final team for the World Cup. I’m sure if Faheem Ashraf or Abid Ali asked the same question, they would have answered it the same way.

Every sports player wants to represent their country in a big tournament like the World Cup, and I’m no different, and I didn’t feel excellent about the fact that I wasn’t included in the team. If, after all this, Pakistan had won the World Cup, I would have celebrated it with everyone else, but since we didn’t do well, my disappointment was doubled with that.

Junaid, who has played 22 Test Matches, 76 ODI and nine T20Is, said he had received no detailed explanation of his exclusion from Pakistan World Cup squad.

-Disappointed Junaid on Exclusion at World Cup-

In my opinion, there was not any real reason for my exclusion, but then the coaches in Pakistan can probably explain their decisions much better and shed light on this issue. It was they, along with the head coach of Pakistan, who decided to withdraw from the original team, and no one explained the reasons.

I felt that my fitness was functional and that only in the final game of the ODI series against England before the World Cup my performance was not up to date, but I was no worse than the other bowlers in the Pakistan lineup so that there really could be no sid or the problem. It is usually not possible to drop a senior player from the team of such a prestigious tournament based on performance, and it was very disappointing.

By March, the Pakistani selectors had withdrawn the 29-year-old by five ODI against Australia in the UAE. Junaid played three games and managed four wickets at 44.50 each and an economical rate of 6.35.

He was then taken to England by five ODI against the World Cup hosts before the tournament and played two matches. He took two wickets, and in the fourth ODI at Trent Bridge, he was hit by 85 runs and ten overs.

When the selectors named the Pakistan World Cup team, Junaid’s name was missing. Dismayed, he tweeted a cryptic photo of himself with black duct tape in his mouth and the words “I don’t want to say anything. The truth is always bitter, Junaid Khan then deleted the tweet.

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-Tweet By Junaid Khan-

When asked if he regretted that tweet, Junaid said he was upset about his omission and being a Pathan, and he had to express himself.

Being eliminated from the team when you’ve played so much time for your country, and you’re ready to reach a milestone like representing your country in a World Cup, it’s understandably disconcerting for any player. In my opinion, a player in such a situation is justified in expressing his disappointment. In my case, I decided to say what’s in my heart differently.

As you know, I am a Pathan, and we are very passionate and aggressive people. So the image I published was the only way I could show my disappointment, which for me was a better way to say what I felt without writing something hurtful. Besides, the PCB allows us to post appropriate images on social networks, so they also did not send me any warnings on this subject. However, later, when I started receiving messages from my fans saying that the image I posted could damage the image of our country, I decided to delete that tweet. As a Pakistani, I would never want my country’s name to spoil because of my actions, and that’s why I deleted that tweet.

-Not Sure about Future Says, Junaid-

Pakistan will play Sri Lanka at home next month in three ODIs and three T20Is, and then in November, it will go to Australia. Junaid said he wasn’t sure what his future as an international cricketer is.

I have a simple and clear philosophy when it comes to such matters. My priority is to represent Pakistan in any format for which it chose. Now I’ve offered to play county cricket in England, and the fact is I have a visa that allows me to play there, but I’ve put all that aside as my eyes are focused on playing for Pakistan.

With the start of the national season in Pakistan not far away, my goal will be to have an excellent performance in that and hope to return to Pakistan. If that doesn’t happen, I’ll think about my next steps. I’ll talk to the members of the selection committee when it’s formed, as well as the new head coach to find out if I’ll show up on their plans or not.

Junaid Khan is Still Committed Playing Cricket for Pakistan

If they tell me yes, that I’m part of their plans, I’ll play domestic cricket in Pakistan and look to win a place on the national side. If they say I’m not in their policies and that I’m free to play domestic cricket in other parts of the world, then I’ll spend my time playing county cricket in England as well as league cricket elsewhere.

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