Pakistani Fan Invite Jimmy Neesham for Biryani

Jimmy Neesham Responded Well to the Invitation of Pakistani fan for Biryani

Pakistani Fan Invite Jimmy Neesham for Biryani right when Neesham is asking or Recommendations. Jimmy Neesham, Kiwi’s key role Batsmen is a favorite of the public not only on the field, but the athlete knows how to drag fans with his wit and humor.

This Neesham 28-year-old hitman turned to Twitter for recommendations for dinner in Toronto, Canada. And a Pakistani fan had the perfect answer to satisfy Jimmy Neesham player’s cravings for good food.

Jimmy Neesham Tweeted:

Does anyone have any recommendations for nice places in Toronto for dinner/beers? Thinking of the rooftop bar maybe, nice views, etc. Thank you very much.

Pakistani Cricket Replied to that:

Pakistani cricket enthusiast said: “Come to Pakistan. We’ll serve you delicious food. Pakistani Biryani is the best dish in the world.

The all-rounder that has sarcastic answers at the tip of his tongue replied, “Probably a little too far to go to dinner tonight, my friend.”

Jimmy Neesham is currently in Toronto playing in the Global T20 League.