Pakistani Athletes Need Good Psychologists

Pakistani Athletes Need Good Psychologists

Pakistan Sports Board (PSB) psychologist Qurrat-ul-Ain has said that Pakistani athletes need experienced psychologists on every tour to strengthen them mentally and physically. Qurrat-ul-Ain, Pakistan’s first female psychologist, said: “Athletes and federations are unaware of the importance of psychologists, as only Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) and PSB have hired trained psychologists. I’ve done M.Phil, and I’ve had more than a decade of experience.

“I have given a lot of training workshops and written letters to almost all PSB-affiliated federations to take advantage of their services. It is the duty of the Pakistan Olympic Association (POA) to arrange seminars for athletes regularly to help build capacity and improve their fitness. ”

She said she has worked with several top-class athletes in the country who were down and out, but she put a new lease of life into them. “The same athletes have started producing the best results. One of them was mentally disturbed that he almost stopped representing the country, but after my daily sessions with him, he not only improved a lot but also succeeded in winning international gold.

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“I face both male and female athletes, but I think women are the most affected, and they need to get more sessions. I work with most groups, but if I think someone needs my help, I work with him. I helped many athletes who were facing problems, but now they are wonderful and eager to earn praise for the country”.

Qurrat-ul-Ann said that she would go to the UK to complete her PhD. “I have done a lot of courses from Howard University and have also done Advance Development Counselling Philosophy (ADCP). Federations, parents and athletes should understand that the best age to benefit from the psychologist is the youngest. If they approach at an early age, this will help them become mentally and physically healthy. In each top sports-playing nation, a psychological is required with each group of six athletes, whereas here in Pakistan. We don’t have a single psychologist with the whole team. ”

Fahmida Mirza and Pakistan Sports Board Director General Arif Ibrahim are all set to hold seminars with the permission of the team. “My fundamental purpose is to help athletes and transform them into the best in the business. Psychologists help in building the spirit, body and mind of athletes. We focus on our bodies, but we never pay attention to the other two major areas – mind and soul. I am currently working with a very aggressive volleyball player, intensely yells and collides with anyone during practice, so it is my job to help him calm down and become a better player. ”

“I have lectured to squash, hockey, futsal and other associations and want to make everyone aware of this department. Currently, Kabaddi and volleyball camps are going on in PSBs, and I am working with the players and trying to strengthen them mentally and physically.

“Psychological rooms have different requirements as it should be a soundproof room so that our voice does not go out. I work, which I think needs my help. Parents and married athletes need to pay more attention. Unfortunately, the psychological role was never exposed or appreciated. I strongly recommend making it mandatory for national athletes to take the services of a psychologist to get better production from them,”