Pakistan Vs India World Cup 2019

Pakistan Vs India Head to Head Stats in World Cup

Pakistan and India clashed in 6 tournament matches of the ICC Cricket World Cup from which India won 6 while Pakistan was victorious 0 times, that’s pretty bizarre. The highest total that is posted by India is 300 runs in the World Cup. While the highest score set on board by Pakistan is 273 when these two teams clashed in the World Cup. 173 runs are the lowest total on board by Pakistan in World Cup while 216 is the lowest total scored by India in the marquee.

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Well, those are the stats of past, but for sure India will go with a positive mind and the moral of Kohli’s army would definitely be more than Pakistani Squad, but if Pakistan can damage England on their home ground, they are definitely capable of defeating India on 16th June 2019. Pakistan has no chance as this is done or dies situation for them they don’t have fear to lose anything at the moment so Pakistan might go with the revenge.

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