Pakistan Cricket is Not on The Right Track Says Shoaib Akhtar

Pakistan Cricket is Not on The Right Track Says Shoaib Akhtar 

Former Pakistan speedster Shoaib Akhtar has made an explosive remark that even if Pakistan wins the upcoming Twenty20 World Cup, Pakistan cricket is still not on the right track. Shoaib believes that Pakistan should make up its mind in the long version of cricket.

‘If Pakistan wins the T20 World Cup 2021, it is no surprise. Even if they get the World Cup, are they on the right track? No, they are not that way. T20 is not our goal and it should not be our goal, ‘said Shoaib.

After a whitewash in a three-match series against England’s Ankora team, Pakistan won the first T20 run-scoring match. In reply to Pakistan’s 232 runs, the English lost by 31 runs despite Liam Livingstone’s century.

What is the purpose of their different presentation in T20 that has made them perform so well? There is a difference in their behavior. The problem is that Pakistan cannot play a match of 50 overs properly. They have talented players in their squad, but they are not easily fit for 50 over matches. They can’t rotate the strike properly. ‘

According to Shoaib, England underestimated Pakistan’s performance in the T20. But now it is understood that Pakistan is a very strong team in T20.

‘When it comes to T20, England should understand that Pakistan is a great team for T20. No one is better in T20 than Pakistan. Neither India nor Afghanistan. “The English team is underestimating the Pakistan cricket team and they may not realize that Pakistan is one of the strongest teams in the world in T20.”

The 2nd T20 match between Pakistan and England will be played in Leeds today.