Pakistan Cricket Board PCB adopt controlled media policy

Pakistan Cricket Board, PCB adopt controlled media policy

Domestic cricketers will not be able to speak to the media without the approval and permission of the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) as they adopt controlled media policy, for the first time in Pakistan cricket’s history. Many players currently participate in the Quaid-e-Azam Trophy (QeA) without officially signing contracts. Those players have now also been subject to restrictions.

According to the details, the PCB was supposed to sign contracts with the players of the six national teams under the new system. They’ll get a monthly salary of PKR 50,000.

According to the sources, the contract not signed so far. Players participate in the non-contract tournament. It has not prevented the PCB from applying its media restrictions. Team management has been verbally notified by the PCB not to allow any player to give an interview without the approval of the PCB’s media department.

It should note that in the past, players did not stay away from the media. Until last year, players could give interviews with the permission of their respective team managers.

Sources have said that this is a manifestation of the PCB’s controlled media policy. PCBs, through this policy, strive to shape the narrative themselves.

PCB officials stated that contracted players are no longer allowed to give interviews without permission after the end of the 2019 International Cricket Council (ICC) World Cup. Contracted domestic players must also apply for a permit before giving an interview.

The PCB has decided to hold a press conference that will feature one player after each match. On the other hand, many players gave interviews to the British media in recent days. It proves that the restriction is for national journalists only.

According to a leaked message on Twitter, restrictions also imposed on party officials. Referee manager and referees Bilal Qureshi has issued a warning letter to all official stakeholders before the second round of the current QeA Trophy.

Match referees have been instructed to instruct all interested parties to refrain from making negative comments on the strategies of their team, the opposition team, and PCB policies. Any violation in this regard will deal with by the Code of Conduct (COC).

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