No Group Division in ICC World Cup 2019

No Group Division in ICC World Cup 2019

This is a new approach to the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup Group adopted in respect of the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup. We could see a similar format in the other events of the ICC World Cup. The ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup group stage format has been settled in which the ten teams compete once in one group. This means that a total of 45 games will be played, with each team playing a total of nine games. The Group’s top four teams will qualify for the finals. This is the similar format that was previously used in the 1992 Cricket World Cup in which Pakistan has won the World Cup. Let’s hope this time again they repeat the same history.

This World Cup season would be very amusing because there would be a total of 45 matches to play in this phase of groups before the finals (2 semifinals and 1 final). The quarter-finals stage was removed as there is only one group in the tournament. And so, including the quarterfinals would have prolonged the calendar. So there will only be the semifinals and the last match after the group phase.

list of all participating teams at the ICC 2019 Cricket World Cup

10 teams will be participating in this 2019 Cricket World Cup. There will be only one central group instead of 2 different groups, as was the case in previous seasons of the 2019 Cricket World Cup. This means that the 10 teams will be in one central group and each team plays with all the other teams.

  • Australia [defending champions]
  • Afghanistan
  • England [hosts]
  • India
  • Pakistan
  • Bangladesh
  • Sri Lanka
  • New Zealand
  • South Africa
  • West Indies

These are the 10 teams that will be participating in this 2019 Cricket World Cup. Earlier, they used to be a group Division of the World Cup cricket 2019 World Cup format. But surprisingly, the ICC came with the new format of the unique pool for play and give everyone equal opportunity to win the tournament by beating all the other teams. So with this Cricket World Cup, the 2019 group is divided into one group.


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