Nasser Hussain hated Sourav Ganguly

Nasser Hussain hated Sourav Ganguly

Nasser Hussain, who played 98 Tests and 8 ODIs for England, is of Indian descent. Nasser Hussain led England in 45 Tests from 1999 to 2003. He led ODIs from 1996 to 2003 in 56 matches. He has played in several matches against his native India. But in a recent video he Nasser Hussain said that he hated Sourav Ganguly for his behavior and he was always late.

The former England captain has tossed several times along with former India captain and current president of the Indian Cricket Board Sourav Ganguly. Ganguly has been seen up close in the commentary panel at the end of his playing career. One of the most popular commentators of the present time has brought to the fore the different characteristics of Ganguly in different places.

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“I have always said about Ganguly that he has made the Indian team a tough team,” said Naser Hussain on the Cricket Connected show on Star Sports Channel. Even before Ganguly became the captain, India was a very good team. But you knew then that they were a soft team, very down to earth. ‘

‘When Ganguly played against the team you knew you were in a fight. Ganguly understood the passion of Indian cricket fans and it was not just a game. Nasser Hussain said that the Prince of Kolkata would come late to the commentary room.

‘I hated Ganguly when I played against him. He was late every time he tossed. Kept me waiting I would say, Ganguly, now we have to toss at 10:30! But now I’ve worked with it together over the last decade as a commentator. He is a very good, calm person. He came late to comment, of course! ‘