Murali wants a 5-run penalty instead of Mankading

Murali wants a 5-run penalty instead of Mankading 

Mankad is under discussion again before the start of IPL. This time the legendary Sri Lankan spinner Muttiah Muralitharan has opened his mouth about this. He thinks the batsman should be warned once before Mankad is out. Speaking to an Indian media, the former Sri Lankan cricketer said different things about Mankad.

Murali said that if mankading bowlers are not good for a gentleman’s game like cricket, then it is better for batsmen to stand out from the crease. In this case, too, batsmen should not take that extra advantage.

Speaking to Daily Anandabazar, Muralitharan said, “I think the bowler should warn the batsman once. I will say it again, why would a batsman leave the crease and take unfair advantage? ‘

5-run penalty instead of Mankading

Regarding the penalty run, Murali said, “Instead of dismissing someone directly in Mankading, the batsman of the team who can take extra advantage should be deducted 5 runs from the team’s run. Let this rule be in the case of bowlers too. So that no one can take extra advantage.