MS Dhoni made Ajinkya Rahane cry, India Dressing Room Secrets

Dressing room secrets of Indian cricket team: When MS Dhoni made Ajinkya Rahane cry

A lot is going on in the locker room that we, as fans, have no idea. However, some secrets are out. Let’s take a look at a secret today when former Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni made Ajinkya Rahane cry.

It was in Melbourne that MS Dhoni decided to withdraw from test cricket and made an official announcement to the team. He called the teammates and told them he would retire from the test cricket. At the time, even his family was unaware of this decision.

Being Rahane’s inspiration for a long time, it was an extremely emotional moment for him. Rahane confesses how she finds her dhoni-like personality. He also revealed that this announcement so moved him, that he wrote a letter to Dhoni and slid it under his room. Another fascinating side of Dhoni is that he is a man full of surprises; no one can say what’s going on in their mind.

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