Dhoni most admired men in india

In The List of Most Admired Man in India, MS Dhoni only behind PM Narendra Modi

Among the sportsmen, MS Dhoni ranked second most admired man in India with an admiration score of 8.58%. Dhoni is second only to Prime Minister Narendra Modi in most admired person, who leads the rankings with 15.66%. Sachin Tendulkar (5.81%), Virat Kohli (4.46%), Cristiano Ronaldo (2.95%), Lionel Messi (2.32%) follow the list of athletes. In the women’s category, Mary Kom (10.36%) is the only sportswoman in the top 25, with Kiran Bedi (9.46%), Lata Mangeshkar (9.23%), Sushma Swaraj (7.13%), Deepika Padukone (6.35%). ) following her in the top 5.

Moreover, according to Indian statistics, Prime Minister Modi came out on top in the men’s category while boxer Mary Kom led the way in the women’s category. According to the poll, Bill Gates and Michelle Obama took first place in the world charts.

MS Dhoni, former captain of the Indian team and honorary lieutenant-colonel of the Indian army, is the second most admired man in India behind Prime Minister Narendra Modi. A British market analysis and data analytics company, called YouGov, surveyed 42,000 people in 41 countries to compile a list of the world’s most admired personalities.

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