MS Dhoni announced his Retirement From International Cricket

MS Dhoni announced his retirement

Former India captain and two-time World Cup winner Mahendra Singh Dhoni (MS) Dhoni has finally announced his retirement from international cricket. Dhoni made the announcement on his Instagram account on Saturday (August 15), India’s Independence Day.

Dhoni has been out of the national team since the 2019 ODI World Cup. From then on, discussions and criticisms started about Dhoni’s retirement. Many saw the opportunity to return to Dhoni’s team, but most people did not see the opportunity. Although he has been talking about retirement for a long time, he has not opened his mouth about retirement and his future for so long.

Despite not opening his mouth for so long, the captain, who won the 2011 World Cup for India, finally said goodbye to international cricket. Such a departure of the most successful captain for India is undoubtedly difficult.

On India’s Independence Day, Dhoni wrote on his Instagram account, ‘Thank you so much for your love and support everywhere. Consider me retired from now on. ‘

He made his debut in ODI format against Bangladesh in 2004. Dhoni made his white cricket debut with Sri Lanka the year after his ODI debut. He made his T20I debut in 2006 against South Africa. He has been representing India in jerseys for almost 18 years since then.

He has captained India in 200 ODIs. While captaining the team, Dhoni has won 110 matches and lost 64 matches. He has also captained India in the top 60 Tests. Where they have lost 17 out of 28 wins and the remaining 15 draws.

He has played 350 ODIs, 98 Twenty20s, and 90 Tests for India in a career spanning nearly 18 years. He has scored 1063 runs in 350 ODIs, 1818 runs in 96 T20s, and 46 runs in 90 Tests. He has scored 107 half-centuries as well as 16 centuries in his career.

He has made a name for himself in his career as a wicket-keeper. Standing behind the wicket, Dhoni has 729 dismissals. Where he took 634 catches and 195 stumpings.