MS Dhoni also lost his temper

MS Dhoni also lost his temper on the field

Strong pressure, the tension in the game, then the condition of the players is also difficult. Cricketers often lose their temper when they miss runs, miss catches or fail to save four. Everyone knows MS Dhoni as a captain cool but MS Dhoni also lost his temper on the field.

The former captain of India would lose his temper if he did not listen! That is what former national team fast bowler RP Singh said. But Mahendra Singh Dhoni did not lose his temper on the field. Handled the situation with a cold head. Make the right decision. The captain has rarely been seen scolding his teammates on the field.

Everyone knows about the friendship between Dhoni and Suresh Raina. The two have been playing for the same team for 15 years. On Independence Day, the two stars said goodbye to cricket. Once Dhoni got very angry with his dear friend Raina witnessed by RP Singh.

“It simply came to our notice then. Raina was fielding on the cover. And again and again, Raina was coming very close. Dhoni forbade him to come near. But Raina was not listening. After a few balls, Raina could not catch a ball. That’s when Dhoni got angry. Strictly telling Raina to back off. Dhoni did not say much inside the field. He did not even quarrel. But Dhoni also lost his temper.