Most of the Australians dislike me, says Mitchell Marsh

Most of the Australians dislike me, says Mitchell Marsh

After taking four wickets on the first day of the fifth and final Ashes test 2019, Australian all-rounder Mitchell Marsh revealed that many Australians in his country hate and dislike him for not cementing a place on the side after team management gave them so many opportunities.

-Many Australian Players Dislike Marsh-

Mitchell Marsh Said Yes, most Australians dislike and hate me, Australians are very passionate, and they love their cricket; they want people to do well. There is no doubt that I have had many opportunities at the Test level and I have not yet succeeded, but I hope you can respect me for the fact that I keep coming back and I love playing for Australia, I love the loose green cap, and I will keep trying, and I hope I can win them here,”

Returning to the Aussie Test team after almost a year, Marsh was exceptional with the ball in hand, as he earned key advances from All-rounder Ben Stokes, Jonny Bairstow (wicket-keeper), Sam Curran and Chris Woakes (bowlers). It was through his spell that Australia was able to return to the match.

Marsh was named the team’s vice-captain before the 2018/19 season, but had an evil series against Pakistan in the United Arab Emirates and failed to produce good results against India in December last year and as a result, he was eliminated from the side.

The all-rounder also revealed that he was struggling with personal problems and, as a result, cost him a lot and was unable to contribute to the team.

“I wasn’t doing a runs, and if you hit No. 4 for Australia, you need to make runs. Last year was a series of things, some things in my personal life as I lost a close friend to suicide at the beginning of the summer, and when things like that happen, I didn’t handle it as well as I could and that sometimes happened to my cricket. I understand that everyone goes through difficult periods in their lives, but I certainly didn’t handle it as best I could,” Marsh said.

Marsh was playing on his first Test series in progress and said he wants to be a positive influence on the side, even if he doesn’t have opportunities in-game XI.

I wanted to come here and have a positive influence on this group, I think I did it running the drinks and just waited for my chance. Not necessarily as bad, I’m just a big eater, so I probably reduced the size of my portions a little bit. There is no secret trainer that Justin Langer has challenged me from a fitness perspective, I wanted him to get me fit and stronger, and in the last six months I’ve put everything I’ve had into that.” Marsh said.

The 27-year-old revealed that coach Langer gave him an animated chat to give it his all with the ball in his hand.

I think in the past, my role as a bowler has been to keep the end. Justin Langer came up to me before the start of the game and at lunchtime and just said ‘go for it, attack, play as you like’. , and I was a little, not shocked, but it gave me the confidence to go out and provide with everything I had,” Marsh said.

“Maybe a change of mindset allowed me to launch a little more attack as a player, and it was fun. I want to be the best I can be in both batting and bowling, and I don’t want to typecast one of them. I don’t doubt as an ALL-rounder, sometimes you certainly hit them better than you’re bowling or vice versa, but that’s something that happens in cricket, I guess as an all-rounder, I want to be the best off-roader that can be in both facets of the game,” he added.

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