Mohammed Shami

Mohammad Shami doesn’t need to surrender anymore, we have stay, says Lawyer

The order of the Alipore Court in Kolkata requiring the pacer of India Mohammad Shami to surrender within 15 days from 2 September is no longer valid as his lawyer Salim Rahaman has managed to obtain a suspension from a higher court.

Speaking to IANS, Salim said the measure was in any event against the legal process and that there was no way Shami could have received the surrender. The first movement had to be to summon Shami or his representative.

“The order didn’t have much ground because while you can summon a person, you can’t issue a delivery notice. We have a suspension on the matter of a higher court and the rest of the action plan you’ll meet tomorrow,” he said.

Shami could have gone to the United States tour of the West Indies but has been in constant contact with his lawyer and the BCCI.

A domestic violence case brought against him by his wife, Hasin Jahan, had seen Alipore’s court in Kolkata order the Indian observer surrender in 15 days.

Speaking to IANS, an official of the Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI) had said that the fast-bowling player would return to India on 12 September and until that time was in contact with his lawyer Salim Rahaman.

“Shami left for the United States after the West Indies tour ended and will return to the country on the 12th. He has been in constant contact with his lawyer in the court case and has also spoken to the relevant people within the board about the matter,” the official said.

The BCCI had 2 September, the date of issuance of the court order, made it clear that no action will be taken against the player until they see the charge sheet. While initially thought to be an arrest warrant, his lawyer had clarified that it was a note of surrender.

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