Mohammad Shami and his brother Hasid Ahmed get arrest warrant by Alipore court

Mohammad Shami and his brother Hasid Ahmed get arrest warrant by Alipore court Kolkata

The Alipore Court in Kolkata has issued an arrest warrant against Indian Bowler Mohammed Shami, and his brother Hasid Ahmed receive arrest warrant for a domestic violence case brought by his wife, Hasin Jahan. The Alipore Court has given Shami 15 days to surrender and apply for bail.

Shami is currently with The Indian cricket team, playing the second and final test against the West Indies.

-Hasin Jahan Filed Cased Against Mohammad Shami-

Previously, in 2018, Mohammed Shami’s wife, Hasin Jahan, had blamed him for domestic violence. After that, his wife filed a case against him, and after that, Kolkata police booked Shami and his brother for domestic violence under the Indian Penal Code under Section 498A.

After Hasin Jahan’s accusations, Mohammed Shami did not appear in court, after which the ACJM issued an arrest warrant against Mohammed Shami. After Hasin Jahan made his allegations public, Shami and Hasin became involved in a media fight.

Earlier, on April 2019, Amroha police arrested Mohammed Shami’s wife after visiting her husband’s house and creating a commotion. However, Jahan later released on bail.

Earlier this year, in an interview with reporters, Mohammed Shami stated that he wanted to focus only on his cricket career and that he was determined not to let the accusations made by Hasin Jahan hinder him anyway.

-Shami Statement in Interview regarding Arrest Warrant by His Wife-

“I hope everything stays good. Whatever the outcome, I’m ready to face it. Cricket life may hain tou sab Kuch hai (cricket is still everything in life). That’s all I’m worried about. I don’t care about the accusations or what will happen eventually. Right now, I’m not even thinking zero percent. I won’t let it affect me.

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