Mohammad Shahzad Suspended From Cricket For 1 Year

Mohammad Shahzad Suspended from Cricket for 1 Year

Mohammad Shahzad has been suspended for 12 months for violating the Afghan Cricket Commission (ACB) code of conduct. Previously, the ACB had suspended Shahzad indefinitely for violating the Board’s Code of Conduct.

ACB stated that the batsmen had not adhered to a policy requiring players to seek board permission before leaving the country. According to media reports, Shahzad had traveled to Pakistan to train without seeking the council’s permission. Earlier, he was sent home early after the World Cup in England and Wales, apparently due to a knee injury. He later insisted on his health and claimed that he had been unfairly left out.

Mohammad Shahzad has now suffered another shock in the most difficult phase of his career. Shahzad’s suspension stems from the violation of the same policy that requires players to seek permission from the council before leaving the country.


In a statement, the ACB said:

“Shahzad has already violated ACB’s disciplinary rules and has not adhered to its code of conduct for players. He has traveled several times out of the country, violating ACB’s policy that players must obtain his permission before doing so.

“ACB has well-equipped training and practice facilities in the country and Afghan players are not required to travel abroad for these purposes,” the statement added.

Last year, the CBA fined Shahzad and asked him to move permanently to Afghanistan or face termination of his contract. Shahzad has close ties to Peshawar in Pakistan. He spent his early years in a refugee camp in Peshawar, but his parents are from Nangarhar, Afghanistan. The Afghan star also married in Peshawar.