Mohammad Azharuddin elected as Hyderabad Cricket Association president

Mohammad Azharuddin elected as HCA Hyderabad Cricket Association president

Former Indian captain Mohammad Azharuddin was elected as president of the Hyderabad Cricket Association (HCA) on Friday. Surveys conducted for the HCA presidency and five other posts. Azharuddin, who was on his panel for the HCA Presidency, elected with a vast majority of 74 votes against Prakash Chand Jain.

Azharuddin received 147 votes, while Jain, who was standing on the Vivek Panel, received 73 votes. Independent candidate Dileep Kumar got three votes in the polls.

For the first time, Azharuddin’s panel has won in all publications.

The Azharuddin panel composed of John Manoj has elected as Vice-President with a majority of 49 votes against Dalijith Singh, while Vijayanand elected as Secretary with a majority of 75 votes against Venkateshwaran.

With a majority of 48 votes, Naresh Sharma elected as Joint Secretary against Shivaji Yadav. For the post of Treasurer and Counselor, Surender Agarwal and Anuradha appointed respectively.

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