Mohammad Amir forgets saliva ban

Mohammad Amir forgets saliva ban

The ICC has changed a number of rules in international cricket due to the deadly coronavirus. Pakistan fast bowler Mohammad Amir forgets the saliva ban as Corona landed on the next field. However, he was forgiven for making a mistake for the first time.

After the Test series, the visiting Pakistan T20 series against hosts England started on Friday (August 26). Mohammad Amir broke the ICC rules with the ball in the first T20 match that was washed away in the rain.

Aamir salivated while bowling. However, the umpires and referees of the match did not notice such an incident of Aamir. As a result, he did not have to face any punishment.

However, such incidents of Amir have spread through social media. As seen in the video, Aamir is spitting a new ball. He is rubbing his hands and mouth again. Aamir has broken such rules several times.

In June this year, the ICC banned the use of saliva. The ICC has made it a rule to mix saliva in cricket balls during deadly coronations, and on-field umpires will warn twice if any team uses saliva.

However, if the same incident happens for the third time in the same match, the opposing team will be given 5 runs. Besides, after applying saliva, it is not possible to start the game without disinfecting it.

After the new rules, the host cricketer Dom Sibley came to the discussion saluting the West Indies-England Test series. The England team later informed the umpire. Sibley also apologized for this and later the ball was disinfected.

Meanwhile, Aamir was banned for five years in 2010 for spot-fixing on English soil. This time he may have made a mistake by forgetting his mind.