Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid Runs Away from the Champagne Celebration  

Both Muslim player Moeen Ali and Adil Rashid walked away from half of the trophy stage moments after England’s captain Eoin Morgan lifted the ICC Cricket World Cup trophy. And confetti began to shoot from the cannons next to the ICC “Champions” placed in front of the team.

When the team burst into cheers and the flames exploded behind them, their teammates were given sponsored bottles of champagne. And, soon after, began spraying them in all directions. The two Muslim stars left the stand and their faith forbids them to consume alcohol. They later joined the team to share their happiness in sensational victory.

England batsman Jonny Bairstow opened the first cork and sprayed half of his team in the bubbly Veuve Clicquot. Rashid was seen actively pushing Ali by the shoulder towards his nearest exit on the opposite side of the group.