India’s former Captain Mithali Raj Announces Retirement From T20Is

Mithali Raj made the right decision, says Shantha Rangaswamy

Former Indian skipper Shantha Rangaswamy said that Mithali Raj made the right decision by retiring from T20 International as it will help her focus more on the 2021 ODI World Cup. In addition to being the leading ODI for obtaining runs, Mithali got the highest number of runs for India in the shortest format.

-Shantha Rangaswamy Told PTI about Mithali Raj-

“Look, there were many tones and crying about their inclusion or non-inclusion (on the T20 side), but on T20 she was also the first Indian to score 2,000 runs. She is only Player right after Rohit Sharma and Virat Kohli. The point is that no one can take away the fact that she’s been the best hitter in India, forget the controversies.

“In our system, whoever succeeds, we try to bring them down. I was waiting for this announcement because we need it for ODI and it needs to conserve its energy (since) it’s not getting any younger.” I think he should have announced his retirement at some point, but happy to have made this decision,” added Rangaswamy, 65, who played 16 test matches.

Rangaswamy backed Mithali Raj decision by saying that the shortest format of the game could be energy.

“He had a problem with his knee, but he got out of it because of his fitness regimen. I think it’s a good decision because the T20 can drain energy because it requires swift action and things like that.”

“So, I think you’ve made the right decision, and I’m happy, and I’d like to put on record my appreciation for all the services you’ve provided even in the T20 format,” she added.

Former Indian women’s team coach Tushar Arothe said Mithali had opened the doors to youngsters with her retirement.

-Arothe told PTI-

“(Retirement) Depends on an individual. She (Mithali) has performed high (for the country) and can now focus on an (ODI) format, and that will be beneficial,”.

“She (now) opened the doors to the young,” Arothe said, recalled that Mithali gave “valuable contributions” when she was the head coach and that there were many things that budding players could learn from her.

When India reached the ODI World Cup final in 2017, Raj was the captain while Arothe was the coach.

Mithali herself said that she wanted to focus on her ODI career, taking into account the 2021 World Cup in New Zealand.

Mithali announcement was a surprise, considering that last week she was available for the home series against South Africa, starting on September 24.

Many admiring messages are viral on social media with former Australian players Lisa Sthalekar and former Indian international Anjum Chopra praising the veteran batsmen for her colossal contribution to the game.

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