Mitch Claydon banned for using Sanitizer

Mitch Claydon banned for using Sanitizer

The ICC has added five new rules to cricket due to the deadly coronavirus spreading worldwide. One of which is that saliva or sweat cannot be used. However, Australian fast bowler Mitch Claydon has been banned from using sanitizer as he does not use saliva or sweat.

Mitch Claydon used sanitizer to brighten the ball during the county match against Middlesex in August. Sussex removed him from the team after a preliminary investigation. The club investigated the incident after receiving a formal complaint. The Australian pacer was finally banned.

Australian fast bowler Mitch has been banned by England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) regulations, the Sussex club said in a statement on its website. He used hand sanitizer on the ball during the game against Middlesex.

ICC guidelines say cricketers can use hand sanitizers before catching the ball. But you can’t put it on a cricket ball. In addition, the eyes, nose or mouth can not be touched anywhere after catching the ball. Field umpires have to wear gloves to control the ball on the field.

Earlier, two or three bowlers used saliva in the wrong cricket ball, but the field umpire initially warned them as per the rules. This is the first time that a ball has been used to increase brightness.