Misbah witty reply on Pak tuk-tuk strike rate

Misbah witty reply on Pakistan tuk-tuk strike rate

Before the local series against Sri Lanka, Pakistan’s new head coach, Misbah-ul-Haq, was asked about the “tuk-tuk” problem, the problem of the strike rate of Pakistani batsmen to whom he had a witty reply.

Pakistan’s cricket team faced much criticism about its defensive approach and its inability to strike power in all formats. Cricket players accuse of playing with a slow attack rate responsible for any losses.

One of the journalists present during Wednesday’s Press asked Misbah:

there have been more tuk-tuk and fewer heavy blows. There have been centuries with 235 balls. Even when you hit, there was a notion that you make more tuk-tuk and less hard knocks. As a new head coach and batting coach, do you have a plan to change this approach, or will the team continue to tuk-tuk? “

To this, the new head coach replied, “In my opinion, there is much stress on a tuk-tuk in your question.”

“Looks like you didn’t get a car today. Alternatively, maybe someone has asked you to try to irritate the coach,” he added.

The 45-year-old man also said that Sri Lanka touring Pakistan was an encouraging sign. “The Sri Lankan team coming to Pakistan is an encouraging sign. Countries must support all countries, not just Pakistan, but wherever such a situation exists, because without it, cricket survival is difficult.”

Misbah, who is also the head of PCB selection, insisted that he did not perform any magic to get the jobs on the Pakistan Cricket Board. “I didn’t make any salary demands, and I just asked them to pay me what they paid the previous coach.”

Sri Lanka is scheduled to play three ODI in Karachi on October 27, 29 and 3, and so many T20I in Lahore on October 5, 7 and 9 during the tour, before returning in December for the series of tests that will be part of the World Championship of Test.

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