Misbah ul Haq has too much power says, Zaheer Abbas

Misbah ul Haq has too much power says, Zaheer Abbas

Legendary Pakistani batsman Zaheer Abbas, in an interview at the Defense Authority Golf Club, stated that the current head coach and chief selector of the Pakistan, Misbah ul Haq, has been given too much power.

Asian Bradman also revealed that he was baffled by the length of the contract received by the former captain.

“Misbah was excellent as a captain. In its day, Pakistan won many excellent matches and also advanced in the rankings,” Abbas said. The double role, however, will give it too much power. In a way, Misbah has become the Chairman of the Board. I’m baffled by your three-year contract. If he had performed well in the role, his contract should extend.”

The legendary batsman further revealed that he had advised Pakistan’s captain Sarfaraz to focus on captaining the side of the limited. Abbas believed that prolific batsman Babar Azam was next in line for the leadership role and would excel in that position.

“I had advised Sarfaraz to remain the captain of the limited format. Captaining in all three formats can be very difficult for a player. I think the PCB’s decision is right,” he said. “Babar Azam may be the new test captain. He’s a great player, and he’ll prove to be a good captain too. You can take the team forward.”

Abbas stated that the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) required strict measures and practical implementation to avoid the current problem of players who prefer limited cricket rather than the test format.

“The PCB has to develop some strict rules and then enforce them. They have to tell the players that if you want to play cricket for Pakistan, they also have to participate in Test cricket. It is now easy for players to play cricket Twenty20 Internationals and One-day internationals (ODIs) and earn money,” he said. The Board must design strict rules and regulations to prevent this from happening. They should also increase their match fees so they can provide an incentive to appear in test cricket.”

The legendary former hitter was surprised by the introduction of the new domestic system, consisting of six teams.

“Previously, the domestic structure consisted of two teams from major cities such as Lahore and Karachi. Now there are only six teams in total. I’m surprised by this development. This is a new experiment. Now we’ll have to see if this experiment is sustainable. I hope this system can produce the required results,” he said.

Abbas revealed that he was saddened by the job loss that resulted from the PCB’s decision to introduce a new domestic format.

“I have a feeling that this system will negatively affect players. The closure of departments has led to the loss of stable jobs for many cricketers. The loss of his livelihoods saddens me. These jobs provided a secure source of income for many players,” he concluded.

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