Michael Holding says no one is born racist but racist is taught

Michael Holding says no one is born racist but racist is taught

Protests erupted around the world over the issue of Racism when police killed a black man named George Floyd in the United States. Cricket, especially the Caribbean, has been vocal since the beginning. Former star pacer Michael Holding says no one is born racist, but racist is taught.

Caribbean legend Ebony Reinford, a cricket expert at Sky Sports, told Brent’s that a change in society was needed to stop Racism. Holding said, ‘Racism is taught. No one is born a racist. The environment in which you grow up, the society in which you live, is where Racism is encouraged and motivated. ‘

Holding thinks that Racism should be eradicated from the society for the welfare of humanity. “Everyone has heard of that woman in a park in the United States,” he said. Where a black man asks his dog to be chained, which is in the law, but the woman started saying the opposite, now she will call the police and say that a black man is threatening her.

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‘Think once, in the society in which the woman lives. If there was no teaching that you have more power than white, you could easily complain to the police about black people. So could he do that? It’s a normal reaction because he lives in such a society. ‘

The former Caribbean pacer says no change is possible without educating people right now. “If you don’t inform people, they will grow up in this way. And you can’t quickly bring about meaningful change. ‘

Outstanding this from Michael Holding on kySkyCricket / @FoxCricket & well worth a listen. Well-spoken, my friend and significant to have international cricket back too! #ENGvsWI https://t.co/XmoPiDOxX4

– Shane Warne (haneShaneWarne) July 8, 2020

Ebony Reinford, a former English women’s cricketer and current director of the women’s division at the Surrey County Club, agreed, saying: ‘I think we have to be honest. And we have to start talking now. It’s not just black people’s problem, it’s becoming everyone’s problem. We want a society that supports people with different ideologies and different backgrounds.