Miandad criticized Imran Khan in the current context of Pakistan cricket

Miandad criticized Imran Khan in the current context of Pakistan cricket

Pakistan won the ODI World Cup for the first time in 1992. Imran was the captain of that team. Miandad was also in the team. The two also have a long playing experience together. So the friendly relationship is also quite. But Javaid Miandad criticized Imran Khan in the current context of Pakistan cricket.

In a video on YouTube, the 63-year-old Miandad said, “Not a single PCB official has the slightest knowledge of cricket. The cricket board is now in great danger for this. I will personally talk to Imran about this sad state of the board. Someone who is not right for the cricket board cannot be put on the board. I don’t see any reason to keep those on the board, especially those from outside the country. ‘

Miandad has pointed the finger at Wasim Khan, the PCB chief executive. Although of Pakistani descent, Wasim was born in England. He also played professional cricket in England. In December 2016, the PCB appointed Wasim as its chief executive.

Imran Khan is called the legend of Pakistan cricket. He is also the captain of the country’s only ODI World Cup-winning team. Imran was also one of the best all-rounders in the eighties and nineties. After leaving cricket, Imran joined politics. He is currently the Prime Minister of Pakistan.

He is also the main sponsor of the country’s cricket board (PCB). Even then, Imran is destroying Pakistan cricket, said Javed Miandad, another former captain, and coach of the country.

Miandad doesn’t like such a ‘foreigner’ in a big position in the cricket board. He said, ‘You brought someone from abroad, how would you catch him if he stole something and fled? There are no more people in Pakistan to fulfill the responsibilities of the board? Are they dead? That you have to bring people from outside? I want the people of Pakistan to be in charge of the board.

Imran claims that he does not pay any attention to the country’s cricket board. He said, ‘I was your (Imran’s) captain. I was the man who lobbied for you. You think no one understands cricket except you. We should think again about who is in the PCB. ‘

Miandad thinks Imran’s condition is not good at all as he has damaged the country’s cricket. Throwing a challenge to Imran, he said, “If I enter the field of politics, I will point out the mistake with my finger in my eye.” I will say the right thing. And I will call the mistake wrong. I am not allowed to wear any mask. False, I am not a person to tolerate crime. Don’t forget Imran, I was your captain. I will not have any difficulty in confronting you in the field of politics.

Pakistan’s departmental cricket has been shut down for several years. As a result, many cricketers have become unemployed. “The cricketers who are coming into the game now have no future in cricket,” Miandad told the PCB. They have been thrown into trouble by shutting down departmental cricket.