MCC to Review World Cup 2019 Overthrow

MCC to Review World Cup 2019 Overthrow

The Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has announced that the reversal incident of Overthrow involving Ben Stokes in the World Cup 2019 final will be reviewed in September this year. England beat New Zealand in the final to seal their first World Cup title. However, the historic victory was marred by the incident of the reversal of the final.

With nine points needed from the last three balls, England scored six points from the penultimate ball in a bizarre way. A Martin Guptill throw accidentally struck the elongated bat of a diver, Ben Stokes, sending the ball to the four. Ben Stokes then got six reversals – four for the resulting four and two to win the double.

These six reversals helped England tie the game as they finished with 241 points, the same number of points scored by New Zealand. The super-overs also ended in a tie as both teams scored 15. England won the World Cup against New Zealand because they crossed several boundaries.

“The World Cricket Committee (ECO) reviewed Overturning Act 19.8 in the Men’s Cricket World Cup Final. The WCC considered that the legislation was clear but that the Subcommittee on Laws would review the matter on September 2019,” the MCC said in a statement.

Former CIC referee Simon Taufel, who refereed in the 2011 World Cup final, said it was a mistake to award six points.

“There was an error of judgment on the reversal. The error of judgment was the moment the defensive player threw the ball. The reversal begins when the defensive player drops the ball. That is the act. It becomes a reversal from the moment of the throw,” Taufel said.

According to Law 19.8, additional runs are only awarded if the batsmen have crossed each other when the ball is thrown. That means England should have received only five points from the delivery, leaving them with four to win two balls. More importantly, Adil Rashid would have been on strike rather than Stokes. But the controversy has now dissipated and all eyes are on the MCC review.