Many Pakistani Cricketers Willing To Join United States Cricket Team

Many Pakistani Cricketers Willing To Leave Pakistan and to Join United States Cricket Team

Sami Aslam said that he is leaving Pakistan cricket and going to the United States. The left-arm batsman said that hundreds of Pakistani cricketers were contacting him for the purpose of migrating to the United States.

The most talked about event in the world of cricket last year was the departure of Sami Aslam from Pakistan to the United States. He looked great in age-based cricket. He has played only 13 Tests and 4 ODIs for the national team, performing well in age-based cricket. He has no performance in the national team.

Although he did not know his national team, he was a regular performer in domestic cricket. However, despite being a regular performer, he left Pakistan for the United States due to not getting a chance in the national team for a long time.

The United States is recruiting cricketers from different countries to build a strong nation in the future. Meanwhile, cricketers from Pakistan, Sri Lanka, West Indies, India, and many other countries are flocking to the United States in the hope of a new life.
In an interview on a Pakistan cricket website, Sami Aslam said many like him were keen to take on the new opportunity.

“I can also say for sure that many Pakistani cricketers who are not under Pakistan’s central contract want to migrate to the United States and wants to join US cricket team,” he said. I have received calls from more than a hundred cricketers, they are all inquiring. Even many regular performers of domestic cricket want to go.

At the moment the UK cricket administration wants to take cricketers from South Africa and Australia. However, Pakistan cricketers are not giving up. They also want to migrate to the United States. Many cricketers have already come close to signing contracts with the United States.

The 25-year-old batsman said he was doing well in the United States. Although it is very difficult to leave the country, he has been forced to make this decision.

Sami said that even after performing regularly in domestic cricket for 5-6 years, the selectors ignored him. Even if he was included in the team, he would have played one or two matches and eliminated them. Despite performing in a hostile environment, he was disappointed to be dropped from the national team. That’s why he made the difficult decision to immigrate to the United States.

Even though he moved to the United States last year, Sami Aslam is not able to play for the United States. If all goes well, he will be seen wearing a jersey in the United States from November 2023.

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