The Man Got Arrested for Threatening Indian Cricket Team

The Man Arrested for Threatening Indian Cricket Team To Kill Them

An anti-terrorism squad (ATS) of Maharashtra police arrested a man from Assam for allegedly sending a threatening email to the Cricket Control Board in India (BCCI) to Kill India cricket Team who is playing currently in West Indies. According to the Daily Pioneer website, a man named Braja Mohan Das who planned to attack Indian cricket team was tracked with the assistance of Assam police and arrested by the ATS on Tuesday.

The man alleged offender Braja Mohan Das sent an email and threatening thing to kill India team on August 16, 2019, was now arrested. ATS officials located Das from the IP address from which he had sent the threatening email. Subsequent investigations revealed that Das is a repeat offender and has also sent threatening emails to cricket boards in other countries.

A few days ago, the Pakistan Cricket Board (PCB) also received an email mentioning a possible attack on the Indian cricket team in the West Indies as India is Playing First Test Match Against West Indies under the Captaincy of Virat Kohli.

Pakistan cricket board already reported on a possible attack on the Indian team a few weeks before. The Pakistan Cricket Board shared this information with the International Cricket Council (ICC) which BCCI overruled previously but now the man got arrested for that.