Mahendra Singh Dhoni not selected due to injury

Mahendra Singh Dhoni not selected due to injury

In an interview with the Indian Express, BCCI officials have stated that Mahendra Singh Dhoni, expects to be fully fit by November, was not selected for the T20I series against the Antilles and South Africa due to injury suffered during the 2019 World Cup.

The official also mentioned that Dhoni, who already had a backache, further aggravated his anger during the mega tournament. Besides, during the league match against England, MS Dhoni also suffered a wrist injury.

After the semi-final defeat of the 2019 World Cup against New Zealand, several reports came out indicating that MS Dhoni was not available for the visiting series selection against the West Indies and the local series against South Africa.

During the T20I series against the West Indies, Dhoni’s name was missing in the 15-member Squadron.

After Dhoni opted for the local T20I series against South Africa and Bangladesh, several reports making rounds suggesting that the 38-year-old player retired from the T20I to give time to the BCCI Rishabh Pant train and its replacements as well.

While India played the T20I series against the Caribbean, Dhoni was training with paramilitary forces in Kashmir. Dhoni went to train with Victor’s forces on 30 July and stayed in Kashmir until 15 August.

Previously, during the 2018 Indian Premier League, the captain of the Chennai Super King suffers a back injury, which was troubling him. Last year, after the match of IPL against Kings XI Punjab, the former captain Indian spoke about him during the presentation after the match.

Dhoni said:

“It’s bad. How bad it is, I don’t know.” Previously, during the 2019 IPL, Dhoni mentioned that his back delayed. “The back is holding, it’s not getting worse, with the next World Cup, I can’t allow that, because that’s too important.”

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