Madras High Court seeking the arrest of Virat Kohli

Madras High Court seeking the arrest of Virat Kohli

Gambling or gambling seems to be closely associated with India. Various online gambling apps have been launched in India for several years. A case has been filed in the Madras High Court seeking the arrest of Virat Kohli for allegedly encouraging young people to gamble by advertising those online gambling apps.

Not only Kohli’s name but also actress Tamanna Bhatia’s arrest has been sought in the case. A Chennai lawyer has filed a lawsuit claiming that online gambling companies are using celebrities like Kohli and Tamanna to brainwash young people and mislead them. Both should be arrested for this.

He thinks youngsters are being encouraged to gamble online using stars like Kohli-Tamanna. Encouraged by this, young people are betting on money at high-interest rates. The latter is committing suicide as he is not able to benefit as expected.

The Chennai-based lawyer points out that the number of suicides due to online gambling has increased in Tamil Nadu in recent times. He complained that the younger generation was wasting a lot of money due to online gambling.

Even though they bet a lot of money on the apps in the hope of making a profit, they are forced to decide to commit suicide later as they do not show the face of that profit. He compared those online apps to killing games like Blue Whale.

The court has fixed Tuesday (August 4) for the verdict in the case filed by the lawyer.